Adam Savage’s Tested VR

Inspired by Adam Savage’s Tested One Day Builds, Adam Savage’s Tested VR takes audiences on a journey inside the creative workspaces of incredible makers, bringing their processes to life, from ideation to creation. Featuring an eclectic roster of creators including a Broadway and TV puppeteer and a cosplay animatronic wings designer, Adam and the Tested team put viewers inside their workshops for an intimate look at their builds.

Adam Savage’s Tested VR features 8 episodes filmed with 180-degree stereoscopic cameras that allow for an immersive look at the creative process like never before. Bonus footage includes Adam’s “Cave” workshop tours.

Price: FREE // Size: 969.4MB // Comfort: Comfortable // Download

If you’re a fan of Adam Savage’s Tested series on YouTube, you now have another way to watch his crazy antics, this time filmed in 180-degree cameras you get to feel in the heat of the action.